The Singing Townhouse

The development of a townhouse for my
alter ego. The house takes in the wind through the pipes and water from the surroundings. It comes together, vibrating in an atmosphere where I as a composer can develop and explore my work.

The work is coherent with the past,
present and future. The composition of the pipes is drawn from the arrangement of the monastery’s stones in my childhood memory and the ecclectically arranged materials in the present
neighbouring house. The plan of the house is formed by a compromise between the pipes location and the acoustic qualities of the space.Through the creation and composition of the house an instrument is formed.

”Beneath the subatomic particle level, there are fibers that vibrate at different intensities. Different frequencies. Like violin strings. The physicists say that the particles we are able to see are the notes of the strings vibrating beneath them. If string theory is correct, then music is not only the way our brains work, as the neuroscientists have shown, but also, it is what we are made of, what everything is made of. These are the stakes musicians are playing for.”
T-Bone Burnett