The Cultural Village
With a 900-year old history of lime mining, Faxe is a village built side by side with its quarry, but with few connections to each other. At a time when the lime industry’s license is about to expire, the opportunity opens up for new relationships between village and quarry.

The project responds to this by creating a cultural village - an extension of Faxe in the quarry. The Cultural Village is a public field, consisting of an exhibition space, annex, stage and library. In connection to the public functions are residences for artists, musicians, writers and geologists.

The boundary between Faxe and its quarry is a vertical line between two rooms in the landscape, a fall of 40 meters through the lime that was created 63 million years ago. Using the tower as a typology, the project creates a vertical bridge between these landscapal rooms, to further connect the village to the quarry and its history.

Like an ensemble of architectural characters, four towers rise from the public field in the bottom of the limestone quarry, each based on their own narrative. The process has been a study of how the four towers inhabit the quarry and their relationship with each other, and how their different narratives are told through materiality, tectonics and spatial organization.

As a result, the project is a structure full of internal relations and architectural diversity, which can set the tone for further development in the quarry.

A collaboration with Egil Kahlbom